Friday, 30 July 2010

K is for...Keep Up! It's Folksy Friday!

Believe it or not, there aren't that many superlatives beginning with K that I can think of! Which is a shame as I've had a cracking week and would have liked to have gushed about it appropriately... Kettle..? Kebab..? Keys..? Nope, they aren't gonna cut it this week. Best just get on it with it then! (K-word-suggestions very much welcome!)

This week I've been a tourist in my own city - and it's been grrrreat! A close school-friend was up from Buxton for a visit, so I took a couple of days off work to show her the sights - and I'm Knackered! So much fun, but boy did we walk FAR: Calton Hill, Arthur's Seat, all along the Pleasance, through Cow Gate to the Grassmarket, up to the Castle, down to Prince's St (FYI - the city is filling up fast with visitors - so exciting, can't wait for the Festival Fringe to Kick off!). Then out to South Queensferry to see the bridges... phew!

My K Folksy Finds this week are Korkers (I know, I know, it should be Corkers, ah well...)

King of the World Postcard by Orange Bird Studio

Scented and Cakey Key Charm by Once Upon a Time in the North

Kool Karma Sugar Scrub Cubes by Taonga Homescents

And my K streetnames cards this week include...

See you for 'L' next week!

Jen x