Thursday, 1 July 2010

G is for...Good grief it's Folksy Friday!

Ah what a lovely week it's been...or should that be Good and Great week seeing as this is a 'G' week blog. On Sunday Mr O ran his oh-so-crazy self up and down a few hills across 28 miles from Braemar to Aviemore and all in the name of 'fun' (hmmm...) followed by a smashing few days spent relaxing on campsites, walking big hills and chilling with cups of tea and tablet. Just lovely.

The best part about our holiday plan was that there was no plan! Yep, we just had a look at the map, chose a possible place and drove. Thanks to our crazy-kids kinda thinking we managed to take in breath-taking views at the top of Schiehallion, find a campsite within minutes walk of a pub showing the World Cup in Aberfeldy, enjoy possibly the best cup of peppermint tea I've ever had in Killin, and reminisce with a half-day excursion to Stirling Uni, wander round our old halls of residence (where we met - ah, romantic!) and catch an early afternoon movie.

As it's a 'G' week and as we're back in good ol' Edinburgh, I would suitably like to present to you one of my more popular collages...Grey Friar's Bobby.

Taking the shots needed for this one was trickier than I imagined! I know it's a tourist attraction and all but Geez! Patience was needed, I can tell you, as I took pot-shots at each section of the statue between tourists posing next to it. Got there eventually though and I'm glad I did.

My Folksy finds this week on the theme of the letter 'G' are from some truly Gifted crafters...

Green Apple pin cushion by Woolly Duck

Grace handbag by Made by Loulabelle

Green Flower Notecards by Quirky Pit Stop

And as for my streetnames? So far in my ever-growing list...
George Street, Edinburgh
Gordon Terrace, Edinburgh
Grant Street, Melbourne, Australia
Green Street, Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire

Have lovely weekends everyone, see you for 'H' next week (anything from Sesame Street yet? No? Oh, OK...maybe next week...)

Jen x