Friday, 9 July 2010

H is for...Happy Folksy Friday!

And what a Happy week it's been! Since last Friday I've seen a good friend celebrate her marriage (in a truly beautiful dress), seen old friends with new babies over coffee and cake, created some new gift cards (which I can't tell you about yet!) and had two days on a course with some lovely fellow learners...Happy times indeed :)

And with the letter 'H' I get to show you my H-streetnames, including Heaton Street - which is my maiden name! Soon after the streetname idea came to me, Mr O and I found ourselves visiting family in Christchurch, New Zealand (Heaton family members no less!). We spent a gorgeous blue-sky sunny day wandering around the city only to discover on a street map that there was, oh yes, Heaton Street... as you can imagine, it had to be photographed. Can I just say, here in an official blog-writing capacity, a big thank you to Mr O - we walked about 2 miles out of our way that day to get Heaton Street and he hardly complained at all! Bit of a legend my fella :)

My Hip-Happening H-finds on Folksy this week:

Hot Pink Orchard Veiled Comb by Imogen's Imagination

High Tea Illustration by Mel Croft

High Seas Necklace by Lightwear

And as for my H streetnames, so far on my list I've got...

See you next week for all things beginning with 'I'...

Jen x


  1. Lovely finds. I love Sophie's (imogens imagination) facinators.
    When I was about 12, my family were visiting friends in Belgium and we had a day trip to Weert, Holland. We all had to have our photo taken under the Kesselstraat- Kessel street sign (my maiden name). Dad has this pic with us all crouded under the sign- which was on the side of a pub and some bemused looking pub goes wondering what we're all doing!

  2. Brilliant! :)
    A friend of mine lives near Manchester and passes a pub called The Four Heatons every day on the way to work - hoping to get my sister and folks along for a photo!
    Jen xx