Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Fiona & Mike | Wedding

I had a lovely day on Sunday - the newly married Fiona & Mike came round to collect the DVD of their photos and we had a merry ol' time watching a slide show of the images. Great to reminisce over such a fantastic day. After posting the sneaky peek on here a few weeks ago, I thought it was about time to get a few more images up for you to see!

Fiona & Mike tied the knot at Airth Castle, near Falkirk. A beautiful venue, it has the luxury of a castle and separate hotel, meaning the guests didn't have far to go inbetween the ceremony and reception. The weather had been a bit touch and go during the days leading up to the wedding and as I pulled the curtains open that morning, the gloomy (unforecast!) skies didn't fill me with confidence, I have to admit. Needless to say, by the time it came for Fiona, her Dad and beautiful bridesmaids to walk the short distance from hotel to Castle, the sun was out and shining brightly.

So much about this wedding sticks in the mind (a sure sign of a memorable occasion). From Fiona's stunning dress, the never-ending warm smiles from the entire wedding party, the goldfish bowl centre pieces (complete with goldfish!), to the laughter and genuine fun it was taking the pictures - it all contributed to an extremely special day.

Here's to you guys and many long happy years together.

Wedding guests, family and friends looking to view the complete set of photos, you can do so here, using the password given out by Fiona & Mike.

Jen x

Thursday, 26 August 2010

O is for...Oh I see! It's Folksy Friday!

It's 'O' week! O for Owens! :)

One my favourite collages was created off the back of our trip off round t'world back in 2008...

During our time away, we spent a wonderful 3 months in Australia, 6 weeks of which I worked in an office in Sydney to get more money together for the remaining weeks of the trip. I loved working in Sydney. From the commute in on those amazing upstairs/downstairs trains (with the seats that you can reverse depending on which direction you want to travel), to the walk through the city centre, to the endless sushi available for lunches, to the fact that my office was but a stone's thrown away from Sydney Harbour.

My last few days in the job I realised I hadn't taken advantage of this daily view, so I took a few lunchtime strolls to the little pier at Sydney Cove - the one that sits just below the Harbour Bridge - and snapped away. My Sydney Harbour Bridge collage resulted from the first excursion, but it wasn't until a few days later that the sky was doing it's moody ol' thang, and I managed to get the photos together to create my Opera House collage...

This week's O-themed Folksy finds are an Outstanding bunch:

Owlvis card by Konnie Kapow!

Old Rusty print by Alice's Photo Shop

Owl with Offspring by Jessica Woodhouse (how cute?!)

Oval Shell Earrings by Charlys Gems

One Off Cake Stand by Libby Walker Illustration

Happy Folksy Friday's everyone!

Jen x

Thursday, 19 August 2010

N is for...Now then it's Folksy Friday!

Now that this week is nearly over, I can start to think about relaxing. Last week's West End Craft Fair at St John's in Edinburgh was great fun, but didn't half tire me out. Arriving home on Sunday evening (following a swift and well-deserved half in t'pub) I couldn't help but think about all the up-coming work this past week has had on for me.

My craft fair stall

Aside from the day job, I've been making cards, updating the website, updating Folksy and editing the hundreds of photos from my recent wedding shoot. All good fun, but I'm ready for a rest now please! And rest I will this evening, when at 6 o'clock I'll be settling down in my reserved seat on the train home to Buxton. I've got my book. I've got tea money. I'm all set :)

My Folksy finds beginning with 'N' this week are a Nice bunch!...

Night Time print by Rabbit Portal

N Scrabble letter necklace by Boozy Floozy Designs

Night Night handmade paper lantern by Inspired Chic Cards and Gifts

Next Chapter framed poem by As Seen Through the Lens by Kelly Powell

My 'N' streetnames are a grand total of two! So here they are...

Neil Street, Havelock, NZ

Nisbet Road, Gullane

Happy Folksy Friday everyone! Have great week's and I'll see you for 'O' next week (O for Owens!)

Jen x

Thursday, 12 August 2010

M is for...Markets! A Folksy Friday blog post

Mmmmm...Markets! The best part of all this craft-ness is the opportunity to get along to craft fairs and markets and meet all the other creators and see their wares. In the 6 months I've been heading to shows, I've met some truly delightful people and had the warmest welcome to this wonderful world.

As I type, I am shattered but happy from a day on the shop floor (as it were) at the West End Craft Fair at St John's Church, Edinburgh. It's been the most crazy-weathered day, from rain to shine in less time that it takes to say umbrella! Despite this, there's been a lovely bunch of people heading through our (waterproof!) marquee, checking out my neighbours' quality goods and having a good ol' chat with me about the collages and streetname cards. Marvellous!

My M Folksy Finds this week are a Magic Mix...

Mad Hatter's Tea Party necklace by Heavy Petal

Mint Silk 'Sparkle' Purse by Silk Tree Purses

Make your own Mini Monster kit by Heartfelt Homemade

As for my M streetnames this week, I've got quite a few!

Happy Friday everyone! See you next week for the letter 'N'.

Jen x

Sunday, 8 August 2010

My wonderful weekend at Fiona & Mike's wedding

Saturday saw Jen Owens Images venture in a new direction... regular readers of my blog and twitter stream will have noticed I've been a little coy about the goings on of the weekend just past. Well I'm pleased to now, finally, tell you that I was shooting the wedding of my good friends, Fiona & Mike at the gorgeous Airth Castle near Falkirk. Yep, that's right folks, after hours and hours of preparation, meetings, research, memory card formatting and battery charging, I took on the role as official wedding photographer. And loved it!

As I've yet to finish looking through the hundreds (read: thousands) of photos I took yesterday, I haven't got the complete set to show you. I do, however, have a handful of quick ones...

Congratulations again Fiona & Mike! It was a really wonderful day, full of so much laughter and happiness. Here's to you guys and your future together :)

So folks, if you're looking for a wedding photographer or know someone who might be, and you like what you see, point them in my direction as I think I've just found my dream career...

Jen x

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Look out! It's Folksy Friday!

Well folks, my letter 'L' week is upon us this fine Friday, following a week of Lengthy List-making in preparation for the next two weeks - it's going to be B.U.S.Y.

I'm not one for tempting fate, so I won't be telling you what I'm up to this weekend (needless to say that if all goes well you will hear about it in full on Monday...if it doesn't go well then the mystery will perhaps never be truly told...). I can, however, tell you that as of Thursday next week I'll be at the West End Craft Fair at St John's Church, Edinburgh (corner of Prince's St and Lothian Rd) for four whole days of Lovely selling, meeting new people and general craft-ness! Do pop along!

My List of L streetname cards is getting quite Lengthy so it's hard to choose a favourite...but I have! Lovers' Lane in South Queensferry - originally made as a Valentine's Day card, it's now a popular wedding card as well :)

This week's Lovely Folksy finds are:
Love Birds Note Pad by Tea & Ceremony

Loopy Loops necklace by The Bead Life

Live, Laugh, Love print by Zest Images

Little Bird Brooch by Fibrespace

As for the rest of my streetname greetings cards, here's the L names I've managed to get so far...

See you next week for either a report on my weekend, or all things beginning with the letter 'M'!

Jen x