Thursday, 5 August 2010

Look out! It's Folksy Friday!

Well folks, my letter 'L' week is upon us this fine Friday, following a week of Lengthy List-making in preparation for the next two weeks - it's going to be B.U.S.Y.

I'm not one for tempting fate, so I won't be telling you what I'm up to this weekend (needless to say that if all goes well you will hear about it in full on Monday...if it doesn't go well then the mystery will perhaps never be truly told...). I can, however, tell you that as of Thursday next week I'll be at the West End Craft Fair at St John's Church, Edinburgh (corner of Prince's St and Lothian Rd) for four whole days of Lovely selling, meeting new people and general craft-ness! Do pop along!

My List of L streetname cards is getting quite Lengthy so it's hard to choose a favourite...but I have! Lovers' Lane in South Queensferry - originally made as a Valentine's Day card, it's now a popular wedding card as well :)

This week's Lovely Folksy finds are:
Love Birds Note Pad by Tea & Ceremony

Loopy Loops necklace by The Bead Life

Live, Laugh, Love print by Zest Images

Little Bird Brooch by Fibrespace

As for the rest of my streetname greetings cards, here's the L names I've managed to get so far...

See you next week for either a report on my weekend, or all things beginning with the letter 'M'!

Jen x

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  1. Thank you for featuring my Little Bird Brooch, I've been away on holiday so only just received your message.