Thursday, 18 November 2010

Z is for...Zzzzzz on a Folksy Friday

That's it! All done! My 26-week (not counting that week around U-time that I failed to post a blog, shame on me) journey through Folksy with the aid of the alphabet is finished. Slightly disappointed that Sesame Street didn't call to offer me some sort of hosting/guest spot, but hey ho, their loss!

What theme to do now? Numbers? (Crikey! That could be endless...) Months of the year? Days of the week? Or perhaps I could get some Zzzzzzs...

It is slightly fitting that I'm at the end of the alphabet, as next weekend will see me attend my last craft fair for a while. I did intend on booking more in the New Year, but decided that as my wedding photography diary is filling up nicely for 2011 (and partly for 2012 as well! Exciting!), I thought it was perhaps time to focus my attention on the photo side of Jen Owens Images instead of the collage side for a while. Do not fear though! As my prints are available to purchase at the wonderful Curiouser & Curiouser on Broughton Street in Edinburgh and you can always check out my website to see collages online.

So, if you are free next weekend, I'll be at the Assembly Rooms (on George Street, Edinburgh) Craft Fair from 10-5.30 on Saturday and Sunday. Come buy some Christmas gifts!!

And that's not all! Here be my final alphabet-themed Folksy finds beginning with Z (sniff...)

Zip Pink Flower Brooch by Rachel's Special Lil Bits

Zoo Animal Finger Puppets (how cute?!) by With Hugs and Kisses

Happy Friday :)

Jen x

Friday, 12 November 2010

Y is for...Yep! It's Folksy Friday

Here we are at the penultimate week of my all things A-Z and Folksy-related and, having sat down to write this blog, it's only just struck me how positive the letter 'Y' is. Yippee! Yes! Yehaa! Not to mention Yellow, which has brightened up my day (see Yellow Mellow print by Pink Burlesque, below) and added some warmth to the afternoon. So what if it snowed for the first time this winter in Edinburgh today (just briefly, but it counts)? So what if it's dark at 4pm and the wind is swirling through us all with an icy chill? So what if our hats and gloves and scarves and extra socks and tights under jeans and hot water bottles have been unpacked from above the wardrobes?...It's 'Y' week! Yippee again!

I've found a fantastic collection of Y-themed Folksy goods...

Yellow Purse by Binky & Billy

Yoda Star Wars cuff links by Pink Burlesque

Yellow Mellow print by Nezumi

Next week is the last of my alphabet Folksy journey (sniff), see y'all then :)

Jen x

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

X is for... XXX on a Folksy Friday

I knew this would happen. 24 weeks ago when I set off on my alphabet-themed Folksy Friday blogpost quest, I thought "Crikey! X is going to be a tough one when I get to it, but I've got aaaaages!"... did I prepare? No. Did I spend the last week trying to find some X-words to better describe the past few days? No.

So, in a last-ditch attempt to somehow relate this blog post to all things 'X' I'm going to totally cheat. Yep, you guessed it: X is for xxx-ing: kissing!!

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of shooting the engagement photos for Alana & Peter, photos in which they are kissing *grabs at straws*...

I can't wait to shoot their wedding in Belfast next year. Not because it'll be my first wedding outside Scotland, but because they're one of those couples who you just know are going to have a fantastic day. I guarantee you now that it will be packed full of fun, laughter and some fab photo opportunities! You heard it here first.

My X-themed Folksy find this week...

X MEN Meercat Cyclops by NiftyKnits (pure genius)

X for X-Ray Brooch by Kates Makes

Happy Friday everyone!

Jen x