Friday, 23 July 2010

J is for... Jen's Folksy Friday!

It's 'J' week! Can you believe it's been 10 weeks since I started out on my alphabet-themed Folksy Friday blogposts? It's going so fast, but we've still got plenty more letters to go...

This past week has been Jam-packed full of Joyous things. Last Saturday I had the best day ever on a spa hen-day, relaxing in the Jacuzzi, getting a back massage and followed by lots of girlie chat and giggles in Glasgow - lovely :) The rest of the week I've been crafting away on a new project that I can't really say much about yet!

Looking through the J streetnames that I've managed to get so far, I'm quite chuffed at how many I've got. Still need to find Jen Street though! Although a good friend has informed me of a Jenny Lane near Manchester... I can see a trip home happening soon. What's lovely about the J streetnames is that they were nearly all found with family and friends in mind - two brothers-in-law, a cousin and a good friend :)

My J-Folksy finds this week:

June - 50s style wedding dress by Lizzie Jayne Designs

Joy collage by Lilly Makes

Jazz Your Jacket by Poppy Cork Hill

And here's some J-streetnames (more to be see on available on Folksy.

Happy Friday everyone!
Jen x


  1. Cute wedding dress- not that I'm in need of one

  2. Thanks for including my dress!