Friday, 24 September 2010

S is for...Surely it's not Folksy Friday already!

I'm a bit late with my blog this week as, yet again, it's been a busy one! What with delivering collage purchases (yay!), PR shoots and stationery making, I've been all over the place! Yesterday's drive through to Glasgow was as stressful as I was expecting (so at least it wasn't a surprise) but also so much fun to see lovely people in lovely circumstances. I will however, be looking to buy a sat nav ASAP. I've decided it's essential for my nerves/well-being...

On a quick look at my ever-growing list of streetname cards, I couldn't believe how my 'S' ones I've managed to find! Too many to put pictures up, so check them out here (takes a few seconds to load). To name them: SANDY Loan, SARA Court, SCOTLAND Street (taken in NZ - how could I resist?!), SCOTT Street, SHERIDAN Street, STANLEY Street, STEWART Terrace, STUART Avenue and STU's Lookout. Phew! Here's a couple of favourites...

My Super Special Folksy finds beginning with 'S' this week are...

Seaside Mobile by Mr Blue Bear
Space Raiders wallet by Sweetly Wrapped

And of my favourite collages that I have to post in this blog, it beginning with 'S' and all: Sydney Harbour Bridge

Happy Friday everyone!

Jen x

Thursday, 16 September 2010

R is for...Roll up! It's Folksy Friday!

I can't tell you how exciting this past week has been. Really exciting with a capital R!

All those many tens of months ago when I booked that important first wedding I had, at the back of my mind, let a teeny little glimmer of a dream start to form. At points over the following months, during my research and preparation, it crept up - thoughts such as 'imagine if it goes well, then what?' and 'how amazing would it be to keep on taking photos of the most amazing day of people's lives?' These glimmers kept on coming and in the days before that first wedding I had to seriously fight the thoughts back for fear of tempting a bad fate!

But it went well! Really well! Regular followers of my blog will know this as I've already gone on about it (perhaps too much!), but this week is different. This week I began to see the results of all that hard work. All the hours and hours of preparation were worth it - I've finalised more weddings! Yes! Weddings PLURAL. And I can't tell you how excited I am that this is all happening - that the teeny glimmer is now sat at the fore-front of my brain and I don't have to push it to the back of my mind anymore - I can enjoy it.

On top of the wedding photography bookings I've also been working away on some more wedding stationery orders which has been so much fun. When couples have these wonderful ideas that for their invitations, I have to admit I feel a little apprehensive when I then go away and try to make that idea an actual object for them to hold, open, read, approve and so on... which is why it's such a boost when they call and say 'we love it!'

It's my turn now to shout out 'I love it!' for my Folksy Finds beginning with 'R' this week...

Rainbow Button Necklace by Nuada Accessories

Red Basketball Boot Jotter by Jessica's Jotters

Rock Chic summer dress by Charming Home Makes

And my streetname cards beginning with R are...

Have lovely weekends!

Jen x

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Q is for...Quality on a Folksy Friday!

There's only one Q word that can sum up this past week: Quick! I can't believe how fast this week has flown by. But what an exciting week it's been!

On Saturday I had a stall at the Morningside Makers Market here in Edinburgh. It was great to be back up there, having been absent from the fair since April, in amongst all the crafters. Shame it was such a lovely day outside - it would have been nice to enjoy the sunshine, but good that so many people still ventured inside to come and see our crafts!

On Sunday Mr O and I, along with some family and friends, headed to Princes Street gardens to enjoy the end of the festival Fireworks concert featuring the wonderful Scottish Chamber Orchestra. Despite getting there later than most (it was BUSY), we still managed to get quite a good spot, so sat back, listened to the live music and watch a truly mesmerising fireworks display.

On Monday evening I got busy finishing off a Save the Date order, which I completed! Nothing quite like sitting back and admiring a floor full of sparkling wedding stationery!

On Tuesday I finally got around to making a few finishing touches to the website, which I'm really pleased with...looking good!

On Wednesday I took a well earned trip to the pub! Not by choice of course (ahem), but in order to wish goodbye to a good work friend who's off to further her education in the shape of a Masters. Good to have a mid-week blether! (And the wine wasn't so bad either...)

Last night I was busy stopping my face from grinning following an exciting day packed with unexpected and wonderful emails. From work experience days I've now got confirmed, to putting quotes together and catching up with family members, it was a great day!

So here we are on Friday and time to look at some Quality makes beginning with 'Q' from Folksy. This week's finds are...

A Quiet Moment by Lola's Room

Have good Fridays!

Jen x

Thursday, 2 September 2010

P is for...Party on a Folksy Friday!

What a P week it's been. I've been productively working away on photos in Photoshop most evenings this week. I can't complain - it's been great fun and I keep surprising myself how quickly I can edit pictures (although, to be fair, I'd be worried if I hadn't improved my Photoshop skills for the amount of time I spend using it!).

The Wedding Photography side of JOI has been taking over from the crafting side somewhat this week. It's partly because I'm so excited about past, present and future clients' weddings and partly because there's not enough time in the day! That's all set to change this weekend though as I'll be at the Morningside Makers Market on Newbattle Terrace, Edinburgh tomorrow! It's been months since I was last there so I'm really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces :)

My Folksy 'P' find this week are a Perfect Pick of Pieces...

Purple Pleasure necklace by Hart Jewellery

Pen Mini Tote by Cuppa Tea & Cake

Peacock Print by Justine Ellis

Happy Friday everyone!

Jen x