Thursday, 28 October 2010

W is for...Weddings on a Folksy Friday!

How apt that this Friday is my 'W' week! FINALLY I get a whole blog post to commit to weddings, my favourite subject! It's only right that I use this Friday's blog post to tell you about my weekend, which was spent, not surprisingly, at a wedding - shooting pics of the lovely Colin and Dina as they took their vows at St Cuthbert's Parish Church, followed by a reception at the one and only Edinburgh Castle.

I knew the day was going to be good when I arrived at Dina's flat, her hair in curlers, a big grin on her face, and I was asked to take my shoes off...I've never really thought about it before, but having your shoes off and wandering around a home you've not been to before is perhaps the most relaxing thing you could do. I immediately felt welcomed, comfortable and part of the day. As the lovely Karen Blaney busied herself with Dina's gorgeous hair-do ( and the florists carefully delivered the stunning flowers, we were serenaded by Dina's father, a professional jazz pianist, as he practised away on the piano in the living room.

Congratulations to Colin and Dina. Their autumnal wedding, despite being somewhat chilly (!), was such a happy occasion and one that I was thrilled to be a part of :)

My Folksy finds this week are, of course, 'W' themed!

Wedding stationery by the fab Konnie Kapow! (She made Colin & Dina's wedding stationery!)

Wonderful watercolour portrait by Ella Masters Art & Illustrations

Wool Cushion by Selvage

Wild Flower 8x8 print by Natalie French Photography

Happy Friday!
Jen x

Friday, 22 October 2010

V is for...Very happy it's Folksy Friday!

What a week I'm in the midst of!

The past few days have found me shooting a set of engagement photos for the lovely Colin and Dina in amongst all the gorgeous autumn leaves and light, update my website to a point where I'm (finally!) happy with it, take two more wedding bookings for next year (BIG yay!) and prepare myself for a weekend of wedding photography wonderfulness! Phew!

Dina & Colin - Engagement shoot in Inverleith Park

Exciting times. Actually scrap that...we're on 'V' week afterall - VERY exciting times. Now if you could all pray for a sunny day tomorrow I'd appreciate it! Weddings in the rain ain't that fun to shoot!

My selection of V-themed Folksy finds this week...

Vital Spark Ale Soap by Lomond Soap

Vintage Tartan Handbag by Not Just Handbags

V Dub greetings card by Jimmy Photo

Unlike last week, I have streetname cards to show you!...

Happy Friday!
Jen x

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

{Colin & Dina Engagement Shoot}

A few photos from my recent engagement shoot with the lovely Dina & Colin. Not one to miss out on all these fab golden leaves, we took a walk through Edinburgh's Stockbridge (cobbled streets galore!), then up to Inverleith Park which allowed us to not only walk the gauntlet of autumnal trees, but also enjoy the panoramic views across Edinburgh...

Jen x

Friday, 8 October 2010

U is for...Unusual time for for Folksy Friday!

Happy Folksy Friday!

My blog post is unusual this fine Friday afternoon as, well, it's a week late! Time finally ran out last week and I just couldn't muster the creative thinking to write the blog. Isn't that awful?! All this time working through the alphabet, I really hoped I wouldn't fail to miss a week...ho hum.

Let's not dwell though as exciting times are a-foot once again for Jen Owens Images. I've not only had more wedding bookings (yay!) I've also been preparing for the upcoming craft fair at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh on 6 and 7 November, getting stock ready in advance (for once). So if you're in and around George Street that weekend do pop by and say hello!

My U-themed Folksy Finds this week are a unique lot...

Unique Pin Badge by Offkilter Arts

Unique colourful button necklace by The Beading Obvious

Have lovely weekends!

Jen x

Friday, 1 October 2010

T is for...Time for Folksy Friday!

I promise I won't bore you with this week's T-themed blog post, but I do have to say that this week has been, rather fittingly, a Tax-based week!

As Jen Owens Images came into existence in November last year, I am currently enjoying/failing to put together my first ever tax return (dun dun derrrr). I tell you, I do not have a head for maths or numbers of any kind, but I have oddly enjoyed putting together my spreadsheet (with formulas - I thank you), typing out the lists and lists and working through the tax people's online system. It's just the jargon that completely befuzzles me!

As I said, I won't bore you, but if I don't post next week with all things beginning with the letter 'U', it's because I'm drowning in my own confusion :)

My Folksy Finds this week are a Terrific bunch...

True Love cushion cover by Betsy Jarvis

Tip Toes Cat Brooch by Hollowbourne

Turtle Decoupage card by Cards with a Difference

And my lone T-streetname card (must find more!)...

Happy Folksy Friday everyone :)

Jen x