Friday, 24 June 2011

{Colene & Jason} Engagement

I must apologise now as I'm about to start gushing. A lot.

A while ago I had an email from the lovely Colene asking if I'd be happy to travel to Aberdeen to shoot her and her fiancé's wedding. No problem at all - aside from the fact I'm happy to travel pretty much anywhere for a wedding, getting to pop up to Aberdeen means I can also visit the Owens clan which is always good fun :) We hadn't even met, or even spoken on the phone, but through a few emails I knew we were going get on like a house on fire! And get on like a house on fire we did.

Colene's plans for her wedding to Jason are beyond fantastic. The attention to detail and the creativity she has put into the planning so far makes me wish this wedding was tomorrow. But no, I need to be patient... hurry up March! She did, to keep me happy in the meantime, bake biscuits for the shoot (which were yummy!), including a special one for me too! :)

I can't go on, as I'll just start raving about how much fun Colene and Jason are, about how much we have in common (general love of weddings, general love of New Zealand (where Jason is from) and general love of weddings...was worthy of a double-mention!) and I need to save some love for when I blog about their wedding!

A few weeks ago we had an afternoon at Haddo House in Aberdeenshire to take their engagement photos. I've been very lucky recently with engagement shoots being blessed with gorgeous weather and this was no exception! Colene's awesome sense of style shone through the first time I met her, but she went the extra step for the shoot, donning the most beautiful Dorothy shoes which sparkled like nothing else in the sunlight. And Jason - your trainers rocked too! Good work ;)

Here are a few of my favourites...

Jen x

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

{Steph & Daniel}

Steph & Daniel are friends from the other side of the world! We had the pleasure of getting to know Steph through mutual friends a few years ago, in Edinburgh, while she was on her travels away from her homeland of Australia. Having kept in touch, Mr O and I then had the pleasure of also getting to know her husband, Daniel, when we were away from our homeland! 2008 saw us do a 6 month trip, a week of which we spent having an amazing time with them both in Melbourne - and so a good friendship turned in to an ace one :)

Last month, they were back in the UK for a rather special wedding, as well taking the time to visit family and friends. Steph had emailed me a few weeks previously to see if I'd be up for taking some photos of her and Daniel around Edinburgh, as the city holds a very special place in their hearts. I couldn't say no! The chance to spend even more time with these two fab people, and take their picture as well?! A fine way to spend an afternoon! After a brief false-start thanks to a downpour, we were eventually blessed with one of the warmest days of the year so far (typical Scottish weather then!). Here's how we got on...

Come back again soon guys! We miss you already!

Jen x

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