Wednesday, 23 June 2010

F is for...Folksy Friday!

Welcome to my 'F' week - I can finally type the words "F is for Folksy Friday"! Hurray!

This week I have been recovering from the Moonwalk which took place here in Edinburgh on Saturday night. Kicking off at midnight, thousands of us walked the 26.2 miles around the city in aid of raising money for breast cancer charities. And what a challenge! You may remember my ramblings last week about the 18-mile training walk being tough, well I have to say - I'm glad I had that under my belt. From mile 20 onwards I was counting down the miles, but thankfully I knew that the pain was coming and could prepare myself! Here's a quick photie I took with my phone when the sun came up (yes, that's right - I saw SUNRISE...that's not happened in a long time!) at about mile 14.

Thanks to my exertions I've been hobbling around all week. Finally, here we are on Friday and I feel almost back to normal. If it was easy it wouldn't be a challenge after all!

Mr O and I are off up t'north tomorrow morning, the start of a full week off work. On Sunday he'll be running the 28-mile Lairig Ghru hill race and I...won't be. I'm not that crazy. Then we'll have a few days up and about the Cairngorms camping and, weather permitting, I'll finally get some collage photos taken of all that beautiful scenery. Can't wait!

And the best part of this week...being interviewed by Konnie Kapow! and having it featured in her blog! Have a read here.

My Folksy Friday picks this week are everything F - Fantastic! Fabulous! And Fun!
Felt Flower Brooch by Crafty Jemima

Floppy Disk Notepad by Return Vold Geekware

My streetname cards from Jen Owens Images' ever-growing list this week...

Have great weekends everyone!

Jen x


  1. Love the finger puppets and floppy disk notepad.
    Great other finds too

  2. Those fonger puppets are so cute and comical!

    Natalie x

  3. I can't believe you took that awesome sunrise photo with your phone. Great pic!

    Wish Phil good luck for me this weekend...sounds like he will need it.

    Steve P