Thursday, 3 February 2011

A new addition to my camera family...

I've spent a lot of time recently (and I mean A LOT of time) researching camera equipment. Not just because I'm such a camera geek, but because I want to make sure I keep on bringing some fun into the shoots I've got planned.

A quick glance over the coming months in my diary I don't have a weekend free. Yep, I've packed them all full of photography-related wonderfulness. Be it weddings, engagement shoots, trips to see friends or something altogether different from the norm, I'm looking forward to bringing out my new addition - a fun-filled Fujifilm Instax Mini camera. (It's pretty much like good old Polaroid, but with smaller film.)

I was so excited when it arrived last week and so far I've been very good at not taking pictures of everything I see... which is a good thing seeing as the film ain't cheap! Sure, I've got my 'real' camera, which I love and always will, but I'm looking forward to this one making a regular appearance to add a bit of fun!

Here's a couple of quick attempts...more effort needed I reckon! But a fun start :)

Mr O concentrating on something amusing on TV (I think it was Austin Powers...)

Obligatory mirror shot...kinda like how the flash has gone black. Check out the photo-booth pics - a very fond souvenir from our trip to NYC in 2006 :)

Mr O getting in on the Instax fun and turning the camera on me!

Jen x