Sunday, 27 February 2011

{Laura & Andrew} Engagement

Laura and Andrew. Andrew and Laura. What can I say? A couple so in love that you can see it in their eyes. No really, you can.

Taking their pictures during our engagement session in Glasgow recently I came away thinking: "that went really well, I'm fairly certain I got some great photos of the two of them and captured how happy they are together". In the flat door, I waved a quick hello to Mr O and went straight to my computer to back up the images: I had a quick glance through them and couldn't believe it - I could ACTUALLY SEE IT IN THEIR EYES! I'm very lucky to spend so much time with couples who are so in love and these guys are no exception. It was a joy to not just take their photographs, but also to spend an afternoon with such creative (they're both amazing illustrators), genuine and lovely people.

Here's a few of my favourite shots from their engagement shoot, taken near and around Glasgow College of Art, where they met.

I'm so excited about shooting their wedding later this year. The ideas and details, the thought and affection, the creativity and personality that they've put into it - it's already a special day in my head: Can't. Wait.

Jen x

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  1. Well done sis, gorgeous pics :) they both look stunning and very very much in love. Makes me all gooey inside :) Nics xx