Friday, 24 September 2010

S is for...Surely it's not Folksy Friday already!

I'm a bit late with my blog this week as, yet again, it's been a busy one! What with delivering collage purchases (yay!), PR shoots and stationery making, I've been all over the place! Yesterday's drive through to Glasgow was as stressful as I was expecting (so at least it wasn't a surprise) but also so much fun to see lovely people in lovely circumstances. I will however, be looking to buy a sat nav ASAP. I've decided it's essential for my nerves/well-being...

On a quick look at my ever-growing list of streetname cards, I couldn't believe how my 'S' ones I've managed to find! Too many to put pictures up, so check them out here (takes a few seconds to load). To name them: SANDY Loan, SARA Court, SCOTLAND Street (taken in NZ - how could I resist?!), SCOTT Street, SHERIDAN Street, STANLEY Street, STEWART Terrace, STUART Avenue and STU's Lookout. Phew! Here's a couple of favourites...

My Super Special Folksy finds beginning with 'S' this week are...

Seaside Mobile by Mr Blue Bear
Space Raiders wallet by Sweetly Wrapped

And of my favourite collages that I have to post in this blog, it beginning with 'S' and all: Sydney Harbour Bridge

Happy Friday everyone!

Jen x


  1. Love those choices. Linda from UniquelyYours.

  2. Your collages are amazing!! Fab finds too! Great wallet

  3. Great theme! I love the Sidney Harbour Bridge image.

  4. Hi Jen,

    Thank you for featuring my Seaside Mobile by Mr Blue Bear. It is Mr Blue Bear's first taste of celebrity!!

    Feel free to find Mr Blue Bear on Facebook and become his friend so that you can keep up to date with his new products.

    Have a great weekend.