Friday, 1 October 2010

T is for...Time for Folksy Friday!

I promise I won't bore you with this week's T-themed blog post, but I do have to say that this week has been, rather fittingly, a Tax-based week!

As Jen Owens Images came into existence in November last year, I am currently enjoying/failing to put together my first ever tax return (dun dun derrrr). I tell you, I do not have a head for maths or numbers of any kind, but I have oddly enjoyed putting together my spreadsheet (with formulas - I thank you), typing out the lists and lists and working through the tax people's online system. It's just the jargon that completely befuzzles me!

As I said, I won't bore you, but if I don't post next week with all things beginning with the letter 'U', it's because I'm drowning in my own confusion :)

My Folksy Finds this week are a Terrific bunch...

True Love cushion cover by Betsy Jarvis

Tip Toes Cat Brooch by Hollowbourne

Turtle Decoupage card by Cards with a Difference

And my lone T-streetname card (must find more!)...

Happy Folksy Friday everyone :)

Jen x

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