Thursday, 16 September 2010

R is for...Roll up! It's Folksy Friday!

I can't tell you how exciting this past week has been. Really exciting with a capital R!

All those many tens of months ago when I booked that important first wedding I had, at the back of my mind, let a teeny little glimmer of a dream start to form. At points over the following months, during my research and preparation, it crept up - thoughts such as 'imagine if it goes well, then what?' and 'how amazing would it be to keep on taking photos of the most amazing day of people's lives?' These glimmers kept on coming and in the days before that first wedding I had to seriously fight the thoughts back for fear of tempting a bad fate!

But it went well! Really well! Regular followers of my blog will know this as I've already gone on about it (perhaps too much!), but this week is different. This week I began to see the results of all that hard work. All the hours and hours of preparation were worth it - I've finalised more weddings! Yes! Weddings PLURAL. And I can't tell you how excited I am that this is all happening - that the teeny glimmer is now sat at the fore-front of my brain and I don't have to push it to the back of my mind anymore - I can enjoy it.

On top of the wedding photography bookings I've also been working away on some more wedding stationery orders which has been so much fun. When couples have these wonderful ideas that for their invitations, I have to admit I feel a little apprehensive when I then go away and try to make that idea an actual object for them to hold, open, read, approve and so on... which is why it's such a boost when they call and say 'we love it!'

It's my turn now to shout out 'I love it!' for my Folksy Finds beginning with 'R' this week...

Rainbow Button Necklace by Nuada Accessories

Red Basketball Boot Jotter by Jessica's Jotters

Rock Chic summer dress by Charming Home Makes

And my streetname cards beginning with R are...

Have lovely weekends!

Jen x


  1. So pleased the wedding side is picking up for you. Congrats!

    Fab finds too. Love the dress

  2. Lovely picks! That's one of my stamps on the Jessica's Jotter too so double from me ;)

    Congrats with all your bookings and orders!

  3. Good luck with your wedding bookings. I love the items you have picked today, a 'R'eally interesting use of the letter 'R'!

  4. Great choices - love the street name cards! Were they all in the same area, or did you have to travel a long way to find them?

    Lisa x

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments, exciting times! :) xx

    Lisa, luckily the streetnames idea came to me while the husband and I were away travelling so I do have a lot from Australia and New Zealand. Although Scotland has loads of good ones so I've been kept busy hunting them down in the past year or so! x

  6. Thanks for the inclusion, i love your sreet name cards, it's great to see a totally original idea every now and then!

    Nuada Accessories