Thursday, 19 August 2010

N is for...Now then it's Folksy Friday!

Now that this week is nearly over, I can start to think about relaxing. Last week's West End Craft Fair at St John's in Edinburgh was great fun, but didn't half tire me out. Arriving home on Sunday evening (following a swift and well-deserved half in t'pub) I couldn't help but think about all the up-coming work this past week has had on for me.

My craft fair stall

Aside from the day job, I've been making cards, updating the website, updating Folksy and editing the hundreds of photos from my recent wedding shoot. All good fun, but I'm ready for a rest now please! And rest I will this evening, when at 6 o'clock I'll be settling down in my reserved seat on the train home to Buxton. I've got my book. I've got tea money. I'm all set :)

My Folksy finds beginning with 'N' this week are a Nice bunch!...

Night Time print by Rabbit Portal

N Scrabble letter necklace by Boozy Floozy Designs

Night Night handmade paper lantern by Inspired Chic Cards and Gifts

Next Chapter framed poem by As Seen Through the Lens by Kelly Powell

My 'N' streetnames are a grand total of two! So here they are...

Neil Street, Havelock, NZ

Nisbet Road, Gullane

Happy Folksy Friday everyone! Have great week's and I'll see you for 'O' next week (O for Owens!)

Jen x


  1. Nice choices, I especially like the night time print

  2. Lovely items there. I particularly love the Night-Night lantern! I've bought stuff from Inspired Chic Cards and Gifts before - really cute stuff. Also loving the cards. There sure are some talented people on Folksy!