Thursday, 26 August 2010

O is for...Oh I see! It's Folksy Friday!

It's 'O' week! O for Owens! :)

One my favourite collages was created off the back of our trip off round t'world back in 2008...

During our time away, we spent a wonderful 3 months in Australia, 6 weeks of which I worked in an office in Sydney to get more money together for the remaining weeks of the trip. I loved working in Sydney. From the commute in on those amazing upstairs/downstairs trains (with the seats that you can reverse depending on which direction you want to travel), to the walk through the city centre, to the endless sushi available for lunches, to the fact that my office was but a stone's thrown away from Sydney Harbour.

My last few days in the job I realised I hadn't taken advantage of this daily view, so I took a few lunchtime strolls to the little pier at Sydney Cove - the one that sits just below the Harbour Bridge - and snapped away. My Sydney Harbour Bridge collage resulted from the first excursion, but it wasn't until a few days later that the sky was doing it's moody ol' thang, and I managed to get the photos together to create my Opera House collage...

This week's O-themed Folksy finds are an Outstanding bunch:

Owlvis card by Konnie Kapow!

Old Rusty print by Alice's Photo Shop

Owl with Offspring by Jessica Woodhouse (how cute?!)

Oval Shell Earrings by Charlys Gems

One Off Cake Stand by Libby Walker Illustration

Happy Folksy Friday's everyone!

Jen x

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  1. Love the Old Rusty print, my Brother In Law is a huge fan of VW's.

    Natalie x