Thursday, 17 June 2010

E is for...Ey up it's Folksy Friday!

Welcome my week of all things E...

Tomorrow night, at midnight, I will be joining thousands of other women (and a handful of blokes) to partake in the awesome Moonwalk in Edinburgh. The nerves are really starting to kick in and those all important questions are swimming round my head - can I really walk a marathon? What if I get blisters early on? What's the weather going to do? And of course the all important question - How many Jelly Babies can I fit into one little bumbag?

As part of my 'training' (I use the term loosely - flat moving and illness put paid to my good intentions of sticking to a training plan weeks and weeks ago) Mr O and I set out on an 18-mile walk around Edinburgh last Sunday. I have to admit - it was TOUGH... I may not be the fittest person by any means, but I have done the odd half marathon in my time so I'm not naive in the ways of the aching body, but oooft! I've never been so sore! My hips and calves were killing me, not to mention my feet by the end of it. But I did it! Which means *fingers crossed* the adrenaline and atmosphere on the night will carry me round the full 26.2 miles.

Never one to miss an opportunity, I chose our 18-mile route to take in those elusive streetnames on t'other side of town that I've not yet had chance to get, and which include the wonderfully 'E' themed Eva Place. I also got Oswald Road, Jordan Lane and Cluny Drive too!

On to my Folksy Friday E picks this week - some Excellent Examples (sorry, have to pack the E-references in!) that caught my Eye...

Emerald Green Taffeta Prom Dress by Dig for Victory

E is for Elephant original screenprinted poster by Nell

Everything starts with an E ring by Fflwcs & Williams

E Card by Craft Nymph

And my 'E' streetnames are...(Eva Place to follow! Will post on Facebook and Twitter once made)

See you next week for my Folksy Friday F week! Have great weekends :)

Jen x


  1. Thanks for choosing my Elephant print! Trumpet!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Great 'e' finds. Gorgeous dress

  3. Love the dress, and your idea of going through alphabet is fab! :)