Friday, 4 June 2010

C is for...Crikey it's Folksy Friday again already!

It's a shame it's not a 'B' week again as the past 7 days have been BUSY! Mr O and I moved flat on Monday and spent Tuesday chained to our phones as we rang the numerous companies who needed to know our new address... I suppose this week's 'C' theme could be dedicated to Cardboard, as we have a lot of it in the flat in the way of boxes. It could be for CAREFUL! as we unpacked all those fragile household items. Or it could be for Cripes! we've got a lot of stuff!

Of course the big 'C' needs to be for Collages. Way back in 2006 Mr O and I took a trip over the pond to visit close friends in NYC and what a trip it was! My poor camera never had a chance to relax as I snapped away at all those famous sights. As we packed our days visiting neighbourhood after neighbourhood we eventually found ourselves wandering across the wonderful Brooklyn Bridge, discovering that classic view of the Manhattan skyline which, unless you stand really far away, just won't fit into one picture. So I took 20. I started at the left and finished at the right and by the end of it I had everything captured from the Statue of Liberty to the Chrysler Building.

On our return to Edinburgh I printed out the photos, cut them all up and pieced them together again into my very first collage.

Since then I've made quite a few (as you'll perhaps have seen at I can't really pick a favourite as there's parts of them all that I like. But seeing as we're on a 'C' week, and as it's been such a big week for Changes, here's the biggest collage I've made, following our trip to Cambodia in 2008...

For my Folksy Friday C-Choices this week, I've found some crackers!

Cute Curvy Purse by Mushy...Makes

Cake Bag by Made with Love X

Cheeky Cherry by Facetnating

And here's my 'C' streetname cards now available to buy on Folksy or at

See you next week for all things 'D' related....

Jen x


  1. Thank you for featuring my purse! Off to check out your folksy shop..loving anything to do with Edinburgh as we used to live there and was married there..gorgeous!

  2. What a lovely post. Thankyou for showcasing my cake bag. What a sweet thought.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,
    Rachael xx

  3. Even rendered small the Cambodia pic is fantastic