Monday, 24 May 2010

B is for...

Happy Folksy Friday once again!

In keeping with my alphabet theme, this week's letter 'B' gives me the perfect opportunity to show off perhaps THE best streetname I have found so far. Yes, that's right, please welcome BATMAN Street.

When Mr O and I arrived in Melbourne back in August 2008, the whole 'streetnames on cards' idea was a fresh concept, it being born mere weeks before whilst travelling up the east coast of Australia. I've mentioned before about the sheer volume of names to be found on signs in Melbourne, but I never thought we'd be lucky enough to visit Batman Street. It may help you to garner enthusiasm and understanding to explain that for some time now, Mr O is of the belief that he is, in fact, Batman. This is thanks to a 'dream' he had...I humour him, what more can I do? for us to visit this place, nay, this shrine was quite a find.

And here it is, for you all to see... along with:

This week we've all gone from Brrrrr to Boiling thanks to summer finally arriving. I also finally got around to doing a major update of the website and am proud to say that all the streetnames I've acquired so far are now online and available to purchase, just click here (can take a few seconds to load). Or to purchase from Folksy, please click here.

And as for my favourite Folksy Friday finds this week, I think I've found some Brilliant Belters...

Brooch by Pants and Paper - here's just one of a fab selection

The Beat-owls Greetings Card by Konnie Kapow!

Bunting - Flower Garden by Hollie Lollie

Batik Paper by I Love Red

Have Brilliant weekends! Next week, the letter 'C' (I'm still trying for that spot on Sesame Street...)

Jen x


  1. Great idea to alphabetise your folksy friday's, you are set for 26 weeks then!!!!

    Love Connie's card and the Batik paper as it is so colourful!

    Natalie x

  2. Thanks Natalie. I know, I'll need new inspiration in 24 weeks!
    Jen x