Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mother's Day is on the way!

I'm feeling rather pleased with myself, this chilly Sunday night.

Is it down to my transformation yet again into a card making machine? A machine so efficient it has churned out a pile of stock ready for next weekend's March Morningside Makers Market?

Or is it because I got up at 7am (early for me!) on Tuesday morning to drive in the snow around town getting those street names that have eluded me when I'm usually rushing to get home? I have to admit, the early start and quiet-ish roads were definitely a welcome change and it was quite an enjoyable outing!

Or was it posting off my first international order!? Quite a thrill I can tell you, to say to the man in the post office, "Can I post this to Singapore please?"

No, the reason is: I have finally finished my selection of Mother's Day cards! It's been such a busy time of late, when I finally sat down on Wednesday night to have a go at putting some together, I just couldn't find my creative mojo! But never fear! It was with me today and what a relief! I was starting to get a little concerned...

The cards are a mere snip at £2.20 each and can be bought online on my website or on the wonderful world of Folksy - a site dedicated to buying and selling arts and crafts, featuring a host of lovely creative-types. Worth a look!

Next weekend I will be back at the Morningside Maker's Market for my second craft fair and I can't wait! For those who fancy popping along, it's at the Columcille Centre, Newbattle Terrace from 10.30am-4.30pm. Hopefully see you there!

Jen x

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