Saturday, 13 March 2010

Something new, kind of...

Well what another busy week! Most of my evenings have been filled with making more of my Mother's Day cards thanks to orders through Folksy and my website shop. It's great to see orders pop into my inbox - a nice little boost to know they're going down well :)

The March Morningside Makers Market last weekend was another lovely day full of clever crafters and amazing artists selling their wares amongst the continual throng of customers. So many people through the door - I guess that's the difference between a sunny day and a rainy one (as was February's market) - the place was a-buzz!

I was lucky enough to have two happy helpers with me - in the form of my parents. While it was my second fair selling my own handmade goods, it was in fact my gazillionth time at a craft fair, having spent many a happy year when I was younger helping out on my dad's jewellery stall. It was great to have seasoned pros on hand and it meant I had the chance to pop away from the stall and venture out into the sunshine (and straight into the nearby camera shop!).
I wouldn't usually miss out on all the market had to offer, but I needed to get some film for my new camera... I say new, it's very much second hand but I can't wait to see the results! Here it is, my ebay purchase - a Kodak Duaflex II from 1956.
Having done rather a lot of Googling on these vintage cameras, I've discovered the world of TTV (Through the Viewfinder) photography. The name says it all - you literally take a photo through the viewfinder, with the aid of a homemade cardboard contraption to block out unwanted light flares. Here are a couple of my first-time results...
Ever a digital girl, I've been quite inspired by some of the TTV photos I've seen online recently and hope very much to get out and about this spring and get snapping at all that grabs my attention and if the weather keeps on like this, it should be a very productive time!

Jen x

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