Friday, 12 February 2010

Busy busy busy...

In the aftermath of last weekend's wonderful, wild adventure across to the other side town for the Morningside Makers Market, there's been a flurry of activity in the world of Jen Owens Images. Feeling somewhat inspired by the lovely reception my streetname cards received, I had a very productive evening updating my stock with the newly acquired names from a trip out to Gullane (who knew the East Lothian roads would provide such a good haul?!).

I've also been getting busy online and involved with the, quite frankly, super-talented and friendly Scottish craft community. Thanks to my new found fellow craft-fair friends Angharad Jefferson, Konnie Kapow and Lucy Loves Soaps, I've been pointed in the direction of the excellent UK Handmade website where you can now see my new profile, and to Glasgow-based Made in the Shade Maisonette which I can't wait to get through to and visit!

I'm also about to embark on an exciting new collage for a certain public watering-hole of favour. Can't really say more than that at the moment, but watch this space...

On top of all that, I have booked into the March Morningside Makers Market (or as I like to call it, MMMM...) so you will find me there on Saturday 6th March, as well as on Saturday 3rd April.

And should you be wondering what is at the end of the road to are a couple of views I found. Nice to get out of the city :)

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