Wednesday, 22 June 2011

{Steph & Daniel}

Steph & Daniel are friends from the other side of the world! We had the pleasure of getting to know Steph through mutual friends a few years ago, in Edinburgh, while she was on her travels away from her homeland of Australia. Having kept in touch, Mr O and I then had the pleasure of also getting to know her husband, Daniel, when we were away from our homeland! 2008 saw us do a 6 month trip, a week of which we spent having an amazing time with them both in Melbourne - and so a good friendship turned in to an ace one :)

Last month, they were back in the UK for a rather special wedding, as well taking the time to visit family and friends. Steph had emailed me a few weeks previously to see if I'd be up for taking some photos of her and Daniel around Edinburgh, as the city holds a very special place in their hearts. I couldn't say no! The chance to spend even more time with these two fab people, and take their picture as well?! A fine way to spend an afternoon! After a brief false-start thanks to a downpour, we were eventually blessed with one of the warmest days of the year so far (typical Scottish weather then!). Here's how we got on...

Come back again soon guys! We miss you already!

Jen x

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