Sunday, 15 November 2009

Welcome to Jen Owens Images!

I was hoping for a rainy Sunday.

That way I could hide myself away, finally get this website live and I could post a 'haven't-I-worked-hard-all-weekend' style blog post! But no, it's been a day of blue skies, crisp air and inviting scenery...

Don't get me wrong, I have put the time in today to add those final touches to the site, ready to welcome the first visitors (that would be you!), but I couldn't resist heading out to take photos for a new collage, as well as a street name or two. A trip out to South Queensferry to admire the Forth Rail and Road bridges means I should be busy for a good wee while creating a new
collage. Watch this space!

In the meantime, welcome to my new website! It's been a few months in the making - all those evenings and weekends have been worth it as I have to say I'm chuffed with the result. That said, I'd love some feedback, so please do get in touch and let me know what you think - all constructive criticism will be welcomed...maybe.

Jen x

The Forth Rail Bridge (Road Bridge in the distance) - not bad weather for a Scottish November Sunday!

Mr O and his sneaky camera phone getting a photo of me taking a photo of the above!

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