Wednesday, 6 July 2011

{Alana & Peter} Wedding: Part 1

Alana and Peter's wedding was very special to me in so many ways. Partly because they were the first couple to book me after I shot my first wedding, partly because it was my first wedding outside of Scotland (I had to get a plane and everything... Easyjet counts, yeah?), partly because they are so blimmin' awesome and partly because they happen to be two very good friends who I've known for some years now.

I always get emotional at weddings, especially as I find I tend to get to know all my couples really well in the lead up to their big day and by the time I'm stood up at the alter, watching them swear their love to one an another for all time, I can get quite choked! For Alana & Peter's wedding, well, it was going to happen really wasn't it? Although amongst all the lovely quiet type of emotion during the ceremony, there were also many laugh out loud moments and I ended up grinning like the Cheshire Cat through most of it. Gotta love a good wedding giggle :)

Natives of Belfast, they chose to marry at the stunning Galgorm Resort and Spa near Ballymena, NI, having their ceremony in the candle-lit, atmospheric Phantom House, followed by the reception next door in the Grand Hall. The whole day was just beautiful, from the coral-colour-themed touches to the laughter and music (by the incredible Monster Ceilidh Band).

Alana & Peter - thanks for having me as part of your day, it was immense.

Here's Part 1 of my favouries (there's, umm, quite a few!), Part 2 to follow soon...

Jen x

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  1. I wish I could go back in time and book you as my wedding photographer Jen!