Friday, 12 November 2010

Y is for...Yep! It's Folksy Friday

Here we are at the penultimate week of my all things A-Z and Folksy-related and, having sat down to write this blog, it's only just struck me how positive the letter 'Y' is. Yippee! Yes! Yehaa! Not to mention Yellow, which has brightened up my day (see Yellow Mellow print by Pink Burlesque, below) and added some warmth to the afternoon. So what if it snowed for the first time this winter in Edinburgh today (just briefly, but it counts)? So what if it's dark at 4pm and the wind is swirling through us all with an icy chill? So what if our hats and gloves and scarves and extra socks and tights under jeans and hot water bottles have been unpacked from above the wardrobes?...It's 'Y' week! Yippee again!

I've found a fantastic collection of Y-themed Folksy goods...

Yellow Purse by Binky & Billy

Yoda Star Wars cuff links by Pink Burlesque

Yellow Mellow print by Nezumi

Next week is the last of my alphabet Folksy journey (sniff), see y'all then :)

Jen x

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